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Hello... My Name Is...

Hello... My name is Will! Welcome to House Of Owl.

I’m a Personal/Fashion Stylist with design background. I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. I moved to the United States 20 years ago, first settling in Southern California. After I went to Cal State, I moved seven times, living in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and now — in this amazing Texas city called Austin. 

I love style and fashion. (Yes, they are two different things.) I love making people look good and feel good about themselves. I have a big dream: to empower each one of you to feel confident through style.


My goal with this blog is to be able to achieve that big dream of mine one day at a time.

I will include styling tips, how to dress yourself according to your body type, skin tone, lifestyle, and a lot more. I will also encourage you to dig deep and discover your true self through your personal style. There will also be tips on where to shop, how to shop, how to get the most bang out of your bucks. On the educational part, I will include some fashion history, fashion designers profile, and many other fashion figures in this world (dead and alive).

I would love to get to know you as well! Leave me a comment below and introduce yourself. Have we met in person? Tell me what would you like to get the most out of my blog.

Thanks so much for reading my first blog. Stay tuned for the next one!




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