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About Us

House of Owl is a luxury resale and consignment boutique in Foz Porto. House of Owl helps its clientele feel better about themselves through proper styling and empowers them to make conscientious purchasing decisions.

Hiring a Personal Stylist = Investing in Yourself

We often spend a significant amount of time in our lives trying to improve our appearance: going to the gym, going to hair salons or barber shops, investing in cosmetics, and shopping for the right look.

Finding the right look is an important aspect of this. Clothes aren’t just functional, but they help define our identity. But, sometimes it’s difficult to put the right pieces together that will make us look good and feel good about ourselves. In her book, You Are What You Wear, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner says that the majority of people “wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time.” That means 80% of our clothes are hardly ever worn. That is a lot of wasted opportunity and money. The right personal stylist can help you minimise this waste. A personal stylist is like a personal trainer for your wardrobe.  With academic credentials and years of experience, personal stylists have the knowledge to help you with your wardrobe.

Your personal stylist should work closely with you.  He or she can offer advice on trends, colours, specific styles and trends.  Your personal stylist will help you organise your wardrobe and find the right new pieces to help you reach your goals. The right personal stylist should only be working towards their client’s best interests. 

Benefit of having a personal stylist

With the right personal stylist, you will feel empowered to make decisions on selecting pieces that look good for your skin type, body, lifestyle and occasions. Your personal stylist will help you understand yourself more. And, the more you understand yourself, the more confidence you will have in choosing your outfits.

Saving time and money

By hiring the right personal stylist, you will never have to spend hours wandering in the mall or clothing stores just to leave without anything – or even worse, buying clothes that you will never wear. You will also learn to build an efficient wardrobe.  You will learn how to wear and style every single piece you own.