look good, feel good.

"I believe that everyone
deserves to feel good
about themselves."

— William Chitra-Straley, Founder, Personal Stylist

Looking good goes beyond style and trend.  It's a confidence that your outside matches your inside.  It's expressing who you truly are.



With a keen eye for style, Will helps you discover your personal aesthetic vision.  The journey of curation builds upon your amazing and unique individuality.  There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Will helps you refine your wardrobe and select new pieces within your budget that will make you look good and feel good.  Fill in the gaps in your wardrobe from the hundreds of unique pieces Will has spent years curating.  Or, choose from new pieces specifically selected for you from local boutiques and apparel stores.

Learn how to select pieces to match your individual style and put together capsule wardrobes that multiply those pieces into dozens of fresh new looks.

Styling By Will

With your complete wardrobe, clear understanding of your body shape, lifestyle and goals, I will meet you wherever is convenient and introduce you to the art and science of styling.


Together, we'll create great looks for you, discover new finds, and uncover old favorites. 


You'll learn how to maximize your wardrobe to show off your style and achieve your goals. 


2 hours*

Travel Styling

Travel can be stressful not knowing what pieces from your wardrobe to pack.  It can be expensive if you need to make unplanned purchases to replace something you've forgotten.


I'll help you put together the right pieces to make you look good, feel good, and give you the versatility and confidence to de-stress packing.


Enjoy your business trip, vacation, or social obligation, and look great doing it.    


typically 4 hours*

Special Occasion

There's no need to rummage through your wardrobe uncertain of what you should wear for your next special occasion. 

I'll help you with a customized styling consultation tailored specifically for the occasion — whether it's a wedding, gala, anniversary dinner, birthday, art gallery opening, job opening, or magazine photo shoot.

What you're wearing speaks even before you do.  Start off the event with a good first impression.


2 hours*

Wardrobe Edit

80% of the clothes in your closet never see the light of day.  


After discussing your personal aesthetic and goals, let me help you rediscover the pieces you've forgotten.  (And get rid of the pieces you never wanted to remember.)


typically 4 hours*

Capsule Wardrobe

An amazing number of combinations can be made from the right selection of individual pieces. 

I'll help you find those pieces in your current wardrobe and suggest new pieces that help you get the most out of your closet.

Having a great wardrobe doesn't mean having too many pieces to choose from.


typically 4 hours*

Shop Your Style

With your styling goals and budget in mind, I'll take you to well-known department stores and amazing hidden boutiques where I'll help you find the pieces that work for you.

Together you'll discover how the right pieces can make you look good and feel good.  We'll add the right pieces to your wardrobe that will help you achieve your styling goals.

Then you'll decide what pieces to bring home and what to keep in mind for future excursions..



typically 4  hours*



typically 7-8  hours*

a la carte services and consultation $150/hr

* additional travel fees beyond 30 miles from Austin, TX, prices do not include purchased items, terms subject to change, services dependent upon existing wardrobe may not be applicable

Have Something Else In Mind?

If the menu above isn't a fit, just ask.  Custom packages and services are available to fit your needs. 


Thanks for reaching out.

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